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What are the most stolen phones? The thieves prefer to steal some specific types of smartphone here is what they are and all the tips to protect your phone

The thefts of smartphones are the order of the day, but one thing that many people do not know is that the thieves have specific preferences on which to orient themselves before committing a crime. Data analysis, made by the Metropolitan Police for the year 2015, showed that 59% of all stolen phones were the Apple iPhone.

It was drawn up a list of favorite smartphone from thieves and among these appear:

The theft of a phone does not only mean an economic loss, but also of privacy-related issues series. In fact, the thief could take possession of all the information stored on your smartphone, including passwords, and stealing your identity on social networks and on whatsapp. For this reason it has become essential to adopt a series of techniques that make it difficult to act undisturbed thief.

How to prevent the theft of your smartphone

Prevention is one of the most important elements to try to prevent a thief to pull off a robbery so the first thing to do is try to hide the phone, not holding it in plain sight in front of everyone. Also you should never leave your smartphone unattended on the table in a bar or a restaurant: to the offender would be enough only a few moments to steal the phone.

And then prevent the theft of your identity, the simplest thing to do is set on the smartphone keypad lock, by inserting a special code as possible: do not rely on a simple 4 digit pin, but opt ​​for a strong password, Mixed numbers, letters and signs. Another technique to put into practice, is to set up the app on the phone with integrated GPS; in this way you can monitor your smartphone's position and, in the best cases, even retrieve it. One last tip, to avoid problems is to always save your photos and your videos, as well, in case of a possible theft, do not you risk losing all your memories. The backup of all information is essential: Apple offers its iCloud system, while Android users can choose from a wide range of applications to download.

Now a smartphone can not be considered a mere accessory. Inside you will find virtually all our most confidential information. From bank accounts at various social accounts to the e-mail. So how to protect your smartphone? If you do not use an antivirus or complicated passwords, you can use the cover Faraday.
Phone Tracker
Faraday, created by Silent Pocket, is not a simple cover that protects your smartphone from bumps and drops. In fact, the cover shields the telephone from any wireless connection. Nowadays, in fact, communication systems such as GPS or Wi-Fi can be a threat to our devices. Especially when use of the connections we do not know. The cover wants to protect us from these situations and is named after the scientist Michael Faraday. The one who in 1836 invented a cage that can block the electric fields.
How does Faraday
Once inserted in the smartphone cover, it will block the signals from our operators, in frequencies between 800MHz-5GHz. And at the same time it will prevent the connection via GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Not only that, also blocks the NFC and RFID technology. Silent Pocket say that the cover is ideal for protecting our smartphone in airports, shopping centers, large resorts or major events. Ie all situations where cybercriminals try to hack several devices at a time attacking through the various wireless connections. The cover also serves to increase privacy. Blocking the GPS will prevent our position is always drawn, also it makes it impossible to control the camera and microphone. One aspect which as we have seen recently there should never be more considerate. Faraday also can be used also to protect the credit cards. Within the more expensive model, in fact, there are special spaces where to insert cards and documents (scroll the photo gallery to find out how the cover Faraday).
Faraday features and price
The cover Faraday as well as protect your smartphone from wireless connections also protects the device from water. Of course, all this protection comes at a cost. There are three variants of the same cover. One that is a simple bag, which thanks to a hook can also be attached to other little accessories that cost less than 100 Euros. There is also a version that can be called "classic" because it wraps the phone in a complete manner at a price of 100 Euros. The latest version has the form of a wallet and opens and closes with a zip to insert inside the smartphone in a quick and safe way. This has a cost of just under 200 Euros.
Compatibility with smartphones
The three versions, by the exact task is not an accident. The two most expensive models, in fact, do not adapt to all the different types of smartphones. In the cover of the size of a wallet, for example, a phablet can never enter. The bag, however, that the cheapest model, it is quite convenient to carry and can be more than a smart phone at a time. In addition there is also a Key Fob Guard, in practice a key ring, to be used to protect electrical keys of the machines. Criminals often, in fact, to carry out the sabotage of car theft.
That does not touch the follies and provocations of inert objects like nophone seen a couple of years ago (a piece of a telephone shaped rubber) but at the same time, give us a hand to detoxify. Indeed, not to us snatch the days from the concatenation that keeps us glued to the display: a matter resolved, and kidnapped by the bombing of notifications, pass it to the next without ever taking his eyes and face from the device. At this tip Siempo, a new project under crowdfunding on Kickstarter that will come at the end of the year. To get us out of his face.

Inside the phone, on the other hand, there is everything: a 4-inch display protected by Gorilla Glass, an octa-core up to 1GHz processor, 8 GB of memory, 1600 mAh battery fast charge, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , NFC, GPS. And a camera on which I do not know much. Specific rather scarce, actually, but go along with the new - sensitive, one might say - operating system of which it is equipped. From the home screen which is not inzeppata of apps icons but it helps you to do just what he needs to do and asked him "what his intention." And as soon as possible to break away from the phone. A lot of features (send a message, a note, create a contact in the phonebook) you can access it directly from the lock screen, so you do not have to fall into temptation. Even the handling of notifications seems smart, aligning itself to another project, that born from the Rutgers' School of Engineering of New Jersey. You may suspend the whole or only for certain contacts for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to receive them later.
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